Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Gyotaku - Fish Rubbing - Photos

The January issue of Apollo Beach Life magazine is out! I'm excited because my gyotaku article is the cover story.

You might recognize me on the cover.  However, the lady in the inside photos is Martha Collins, who has attended every Beginning Gyotaku Workshop I've held at MiraBay. (Sorry, Martha.)

If you enjoyed the article, please take a couple of minutes to complete their survey.  Remember the title:  YOU SEE SEAFOOD, SHE SEES ART http://hibumagazine.com/survey

Here are some more photos that were submitted:

Gyotaku - Acrylic paint on muslin 
Recommended for beginners. 

Gyotaku - Sumi ink on Japanese paper

The eye has not be added yet. Painted in after the rubbing. 

This one was done using the indirect method. Silk is laid over the fish and small tampos with a tiny amount of Japanese ink are pounced on the silk at least 30 times in each spot. Long, involved and tedious, but the resulting gyotaku is magnificent. 

Next is a child's shirt with a parrot fish printed in acrylic paint. Yes, a parrot fish is really that colorful. 

Some of my framed work:

This first one is a sole. Title: "Sole Sister"
I was so amused at an art show when I heard a lady explaining to her friend how my perspective was off. "You should not be able to see both eyes at once." Tell that to a sole or flounder after their eye has migrated. lol

Title of this one is "Pisces."  Same fish printed from both sides. 

This one is the same fish printed twice on the same side. Gives the effect of a second fish swimming beside the first. 

This "Mullet Couple" was done the same way:

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