Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Reinventing Myself Once Again - ARTIST

FINALLY! I have the time, resources, and self belief (and hopefully the energy) to become the artist I have always aspired to be!

From an early age I was in awe of my big sis Fran Dillard who is an accomplished oil painter. One of my earliest memories is studying for hours a palette-knife painting by my Uncle Rab that hung in our family room all my growing up.

With a big thank-you to my husband for his support (financial as well as moral), I have been pursuing this new venture of being a professional artist for almost a year now.

Not that I am new at creating art. All my life I have kept my sanity (no comments, please!) by creating, whether watercolors, silver jewelry, home decor, multimedia art, websites, murals, even bulletin boards. The only reason for cooking for guests has always been presentation and table decor.

For many years I studied watercolor with Jo Tarabula, AWS, whenever I could squeeze out the time in a hectic schedule of being wife, mother of three, teacher, and club sponsor. I am so lucky to count Fred Rothenbush, a well-known fifth generation artist, as a dear friend; I'm a huge fan! Most recently I have studied acrylic painting and drawing with Joanna Coke, a greatly respected artist and instructor in Bradenton. Another artistic force in my life is Miriam Cassel, a passionate pastelist. Miriam is walking art!

My work is presented here for your inspection and comments. I hope that viewing it will motivate you to share your feelings with me.

I offer encouragement to all of you who have an artistic bent to CREATE! The first step in my journey was to complete the assignments in THE ARTIST'S WAY by Julie Cameron. This gave me the belief in myself as an artist to go forward. I highly recommend this to you.

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