Monday, July 5, 2010

Redo of Painting "Outrunning the Storm"

ne wonderful aspect of acrylic painting is if you don't like something, paint over it.  Just wait until the first version is dry.  This is essentially the same composition, but color, simplicity and subtlety make it quite different.  And negative painting has improved the shapes.

  1. Softening the overall painting makes the scene more tranquil, emphasizing the ensuing storm.
  2. Enlarging the boat and heading it more to shore better communicates "outrunning the storm."
  3. The simplification of the sky puts more emphasis on the focal point.
  4. Reworking the palm tree also softens the scene.  The trunk is smooth and gray; the leaves no longer form a lollypop tree.
  5. The lightening of the hammock's color and the reshaping are more indicative of an empty hammock indicating the person who had been there is also outrunning the storm.
  6. The shadows are more interesting shapes and point to the focal point as do the hammock and rope.
  7. Removal of the seagrapes on the water's edge allow the soft laciness of the waves on the sand.
I like it a lot better.  Do you?  Click on Comments and let me know.

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