Monday, September 20, 2010


I’ve been asked where I order my art supplies. Here are a few tips:

I prefer Golden’s Heavy Body Artists Acrylics, especially because they have a hand-painted sample at the top of each tube showing how transparent, transluscent, or opaque the color is.
Golden’s Paints controls their prices so they are the same everywhere. They do allow a 40% off sale by each distributor once or twice a year. Always look for these sales. (Dick Blick and Cheap Joe’s are both having this sale right now.) Golden’s has a special going right now; when you order six tubes of their paint, you will get a 5-oz. tube of Titanium White for FREE!

(No, I do not work for Golden Paints, but I would love to. lol)

I usually order online at They carry the Golden Heavy Body Artist Acrylics that I love. Their store is in Atlanta (Roswell) and I’ve been there often. Their staff is very helpful online, on the phone, and in person.

You can order a Dick Blick catalog; I think this will give you a 10% discount.

Another site is Prices for the Golden paints are the same as I have said. You should compare prices on other items.

I also buy supplies at Keeton’s in Bradenton. They carry Golden’s. In my opinion, their website is not too user friendly.

I avoid AOE in Tampa because they refused to replace defective canvas one time. The only way to send the message that a business has displeased you is to NOT give them money. (My personal little boycott.  I'm sure they haven't felt my absence, but it makes me feel better. lol)  They have somewhat of a captive audience with the university students nearby and seem a bit complacent to me.

Michael’s in Brandon carries some Golden products, but no way near the full line. I feel that they cater more to craft people than to artists.

Hope this helps.



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