Friday, November 5, 2010

MiraBay Drinks and Drawing Event Nov 13

On Nov 13 participants will draw the MiraBay fountain and go away with a finished drawing just waiting for a frame.  Really!  The drawing for the Nov 13 will be this one of the MiraBay fountain.  I drew this using graphite pencil, charcoal pencil, black and white conte crayons, and a variety of erasers.  ERASERS ARE DRAWING TOOLS!  It is drawn on blue paper.  (Participants can choose blue or green.)

MiraBay residents can sign up for this fun drawing event by calling the fitness center at 649-1500, x21. 

On Nov 13 at 10 am, the event will begin with shared mimosas and chat time for participants to get loosened up.  At 10:30 am the instructor-led drawing event will take place.  If the weather is good, we may even set up around the MiraBay fountain in front of the clubhouse rather than inside.

I will show the participants various photos of the fountain and show how I came up with this composition.  I always preach, "Do not be a slave to your photo!  Pick and choose the interesting elements and place them in your composition for maximum impact."

You say you can't draw?  Well, you are a prime candidate for this event because drawing techniques will be taught as we create our individual drawings.  You will be led by the hand, so to speak, but can still make changes as you see fit.

So be brave!  Sign up asap!

All drawing tools and materials and one mimosa are included in the price.

Deadline:  Nov 10  Minimum: 6  Maximum:  12

NOT A MIRABAY RESIDENT?  I am offering a drawing class on Thursday, November 18, 1 - 3 pm, at The Art Studio at Arianna's across from MiraBay.

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