Thursday, June 7, 2012

Drawing Improves Painting

I am preparing to teach drawing this fall at my studio using Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain techniques and skills.  I have heard that improving one's drawing will improve his/her painting so I have made a commitment to draw something everyday.  Here are this week's drawings:

Monday - Self-portrait using the Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain directions. 

Tuesday - Portrait:  Doesn't really look like the person in the photo, but working on it.

Wednesday - Chinese junk from a model.  I filled in the background.

Thursday - Portrait from an upside-down photo.  Title:  Handsome Devil.

Friday - Friday's drawing: An eraser is a drawing tool. This drawing was done by covering the area with a mid-tone. The image was lifted out using an eraser and the Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain skills of seeing edges and creating negative shapes. Graphite was added and taken away to get to this point. Finished? Not really, but this would be a very helpful study if I chose to paint "Mom Bess's Rocker."

Saturday - I had a difficult time getting started today, but once I selected a subject, I really got into the zone.  This could well be a study for a painting.


Sunday - This bronze statue was a real challenge.  Once into it, it became quite satisfying.  Needs more real darks, but a good start, don't you think?

Very happy!  I have drawn everyday for a week!  AND I have gotten back to yoga--at least 30 minutes each day for a week!  Feel so much better on so many levels.

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