Thursday, June 14, 2012

Still Drawing to Improve My Painting

Monday and Tuesday:  Using this drawing from last week, I created an acrylic painting on canvas (16" x 20").  I worked on the painting for two days, but that is still much faster than usual.  The two-hour drawing made the painting flow from my brush.

Aside:  The frog in the drawing is part of the dark green ceramic vase.  I decided to bring him to life in the painting. 

Wednesday:  I went back to last Wednesday's drawing of the Chinese junk.  Observing this model at night with a light from above made me want to capture more drama.  I think I may paint this in sepia tones like an old photo since Chinese junks have disappeared from the Hong Kong harbor where they were once prevalent.

Thursday:   Today's drawing is a quick study for a painting--less than 45 minutes. I have painted this bird of paradise before, but want an even looser version.

I prepared the drawing area by applying a fairly dark coating of graphite overall. Then, I used the Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain technique of turning my photo upside-down. Using an ERASER as a drawing tool, I lifted out the lighter areas. Then, I used the graphite pencil to put back in some midtones.

Friday's drawing: This is a REALLY quick study done from a photo I took at Selby Gardens in Sarasota. (I have painted from this photo before.) It needs some whites and blacks added to make the midtones pop. Where the whitest white is next to the blackest black should be at the focal point.

Saturday:  I added more values to Friday's drawing.  Using white and black charcoal, I put in the whitest white against the darkest dark.  Then, I used white charcoal and my eraser to lighten other parts of the drawing.  Still more value changes will be used in the upcoming painting.
Sunday's drawing: I have painted this before, but have never been pleased with that painting. So, here is my Sunday drawing. I'll work from it to paint a redo.

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